Science and Earth Skills Camp

Thanks so much to the South Whidbey Community for another great week of camp! Thanks to Special guest instructor Geoff Fisher and volunteer Jakob Gelleri!! Also thanks to Jason DiMartino and Kelly for all of your help!!!!

ICE 7th Grade Campout 2019

We had another great campout with the 7th Graders from ICE. The weather was really great, and we tried some new activities. Good times.

Winter Break Virgin Islands Family Program 2019

It was amazing! Caribbean Earth Skills instructors Matt and Carmen Corradino introduced us to the wonders of their tropical paradise at Mt. Victory Eco-Camp. We harvested clay from the landscape and fired our pots in a campfire. We cooked meals over the campfire using banana leaves and local ingredients. We visited incredibly beautiful beaches and explored underwater landscapes. We made bows and baskets from local plants and played games with local homeschoolers. We relaxed and soaked up the peaceful island vibe.

Please join us next year- February NYC public school winter break!! We’ll post dates soon!

Quote from parent of afterschool program participant

It is no exaggeration to say that Survival Skills is my son’s favorite thing about school and life, so he is heartbroken to not be in the workshop right now.  He said it was the number one thing in his schedule last fall. 

November 2018, busiest month yet for Earth Living Skills!

We have had an amazing month!

  • We built a wigwam at the Wyckoff House Farm and Museum with 120 4th Graders from BNS

  • we made shelters and cordage with 4th graders from GUGCS

  • we had an ongoing homeschooler group in Prospect Park on Tuesdays

  • we taught an afterschool class at BNS on Wednesdays

  • we did a day of wilderness skills with BCS 11th graders

  • we did a girl scout program with Urban Kid Adventurers

  • we did an overnight with the Artemis Moon group with Wild Earth

  • we built a Mayan house with wattle and daub with BNS 5th graders

  • an epic buried treasure birthday party!

  • and more!

Exciting developments include trying strap drill strategies with kids as an alternative to bow drill friction fire. Nancye continues to hone her phragmites harvesting technique. Many thanks to all staff, participants, and to the Earth for a memorable month outside!

Central Park Homeschoolers, Thursday Classes Spring Session

It's been a really fun group.  This week we experienced the rich spring flora and sampled some wild edible plants.  We also played Fire in the Forest and one round of Tail Tag and learned how to make cordage.  Feeling very grateful for our amazing parks in NYC!

Prospect Park Homeschoolers Monday Group 5/14

We've been having great classes each week!  This week we went down by the lullwater and foxwalked past sooo many turtles without disturbing most of them, we saw some kind of heron, and we played coyotes and rabbits, learned about throwing sticks, and how to make cordage.  Last week we did some tracking guessing games and played eagle eye.  

Only one more class in the spring session...

ICE 7th Grade Campout 2018

65 7th Graders from the Institute for Collaborative Education, 5 teachers and 9 Earth Living Skills instructors spent three days and two nights at the Princeton Blairstown Center in early May.  There were lots of activities:  burnt out bowls, awareness games, friction fire, plant walks, sleeping out in shelters, getting camoed up and sneaking up on other groups, whittling, bird language skits, big games in the field and more.  

Prospect Park Homeschoolers, Friday Class

It was a rainy day so we made a shelter!  Then we played a game of chance and peeled some pine bark inside our shelter.  Our shelter was warm and mostly dry, and all 6 of us fit in pretty comfortably.  


Prospect Park Homeschoolers Monday Group

Our first class was amazing!  A mounted policeman rode past and started to canter.  We followed the tracks and were able to identify exactly where he started to canter and could tell which track was first.  Later we were able to even follow the tracks on the pavement!  We also saw some new spring plants and many kids tried putting mugwort leaves in their shoes.

Brooklyn New School 4th Grade Eastern Woodland Museum Projects

This January ELS instructors supported Brooklyn New School 4th Graders realize their visions to create bows and arrows, lacrosse sticks made by steam bending green sticks, various games, drums, hide tanning and more.  The museum was well received by other students and parents and we received some kind feedback from 4th grade teachers:

"Just wanted you to know we got tons of feedback about the "bumped-up" (not my words) projects you did with the kids--in my room, the drums especially were a fan favorite! They wowed some long-term 4th grade teachers even. So glad you're part of this team and process, and hope to keep bumping things up."

"Thank you Nancye!! A few parents told me that their kids normally never talk about school but they told them all about project time and all the tools they got to use!" 

Central Park Homeschoolers Fall 2017

Two groups of 8 homeschoolers learned about wilderness living skills such as shelter building, friction fire making, lost proofing, stone tool making and more.  At the end of each 2.5 hour session the two groups would come together to play a large group game such as tail tag or Mice and Ermine.