Forest Camp 2017 7/31~8/4

Forest Camp was different this year in that it was pretty low enrollment but thanks to last minute enrollment of four campers from China who came to us via the Northwest Language Academy, we were able to run camp and had a really great week!  It was a little challenging to have campers who spoke little to no English, but it was fun to figure out ways to communicate in the universal Earth Nature language.  

HIghlights of the week included some epic rounds of Turn the Tide with wet sponges on the super hot days, and chilling out making Fairy Houses.  Also, the tree house platform we tied together was empowering and showed great potential!  Also, Jonah and Jason set up an awesome quickie bow bandana hunt course on a forest trail that was stealthily enjoyed by all!

Danger Camp 2017

Danger Camp was extra dangerous this year!  We learned some new skills such as how to detect exploding trip wires and how to use paracord to escape from being zip tied.  We played some exciting new games that were introduced by Trevanion Grenfell, our special guest instructor who hails from Unity Maine and runs Northwoods Natural Learning.  

Much dangerous fun was had by almost all.... he he

Memorial Day NYC Homeschooler Family Campout 2017

Six families camped out in Hurley, NY on private land for 3 nights and four days.  Earth Living Skills instructors Ian MacKinnon, Zach Fisher and Javier Bedoya facilitated activities and projects and Nancye Good cooked for the group.  We had beautiful weather for most of the weekend and a little rain Monday morning.  We did the following activities:  burnt out bowls, one match fires, cordage, tail tag including some new variations (alligator and wild boar to name a few).  We did a few wandering plant walks and gathered dogbane as well as tea ingredients and pine pitch.  Zach made "poo glue" using the pine pitch and deer scat and charcoal.  Zach also whittled a paddle and a flex bow out of hickory which was also collected off the landscape.  Ian and Javier led the groups and coached some people in making bowdrill and hand drill fires.  Ian led a night time fire stalk game in a lovely field past a quarry.  We had a cook out feast Sunday evening and more games in the field.  Monday culminated with an instructor five minute one match fire challenge in the rain!  It was a great opportunity for people to slow down and decompress and meet some new friends and reconnect with each other and nature.