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2020 - Earth Living Skills Events

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Homeschooler Zoom class December 7, 2020

We are offering one hour a week for homeschoolers on zoom.

Students from Speyer School learn Wilderness Skills in Harriman State Park December 7, 2020

We held two in person programs in Harriman State Park with 1st~4th graders from the Speyer School. We crossed a stream, worked with matches, friction fire and ferro rods, then some people learned about throwing sticks while others did spears, or quickie bows. We hope to work with you all again, soon!

Prospect Park Homeschoolers resume in person classes October 15, 2020

Alternating between Prospect Park and Harriman State Park, we’ve resumed working on wilderness skills in person. So far we’ve done snares, tarp shelters, friction fire, slings, sit spots and more.

NYC Kids learn 8 different ways to make fire! October 15, 2020

While their parents hiked in the remote and stunningly beautiful section of Minnewaska State Park that borders our land, NYC kids explored different ways to make fire and had a fun time and learned a lot, immersed in beautiful Fall colors and nature.

Online Zoom Nature Classes April 29, 2020

During the Corona Virus Pandemic Pause, we have been offering online classes where we keep in touch with our class groups and share our individual nature experiences with each other, play awareness games, and work on hands on projects together. Although it’s not the same as meeting up in the park, it’s been fun and a wonderful way to stay in contact.

St. Croix Island Survival Family Camp 2020 February 29, 2020

St. Croix Island Survival Family Camp 2020 was amazing! We made clay pots, bamboo bows, calabash bowls, and learned about local edible and medicinal plants, and played some fun awareness games. We spent time snorkeling and strolling, around the campfire telling stories and gazing up at the stars. We made fire and did archery. We got to know each other and made connections with community and nature. Thanks to Matt and Carmen of Caribbean Earth Skills and to Zach Fisher, Kristi Knapp, and Arturo Quinones!!


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