July 3, 17, 24 (note no class July 10) 10:00 ~ 1:00 Gathering at 9:50

Location: Prospect Park

Ages: 6 - 12  (separate class for 10 and up if enough interest)

Cost: $180 for all 4 classes. $45 per individual class.  Siblings take $5 off per class.

Class description: This unique class seeks to nurture strengths and interests while building coping capability, encouraging some risk-taking, and celebrating the successes. It is geared for children who are wired differently in some way and benefit from an inclusive, nurturing environment. We will work on the 4 forest survival skills: shelter, water, fire, food, (more details below), while also integrating important life skills: self-regulation and organization, positive peer interaction, confidence, identifying and articulating frustrations, perseverance, empathy, and comfort in nature. We will practice awareness through games that use all of our senses, play cooperative games and Nancye will share some stories that foster connection to the natural world. Each day will include finding a sit spot, in which each child finds a special place to sit and be still and use all of their senses to experience the forest around them. 

We will then dive into forest living skills:

Shelter: we will build shelters out of natural materials we find in the forest.

Water: we will learn how to collect and purify water.

Fire: We will explore different methods of making fire, including using flint and bow-drill kits.

Food: We will search and identify wild edibles and medicinal plants and cook with them. We will learn basic hunting principals, such as stalking and tracking and make a few hunting tools.

At the end of the day, we will circle up and discuss the highs and lows we experienced in our time together, and perhaps something we learned.

In the CPS approach, based on Ross Greene’s book, ‘The Explosive Child,’ we understand that kids do well if they can. Every student is a unique individual with specific needs and a desire to feel included. In these classes, we work with kids to give them strategies to learn how to help themselves through various frustrations and emotions, to become more flexible thinkers, to pick up on social cues and understand how their behavior affects others, and lastly, to identify personal triggers as problems yet to be solved, rather than as ‘bad’ behavior.

Note: We go out in all kinds of weather. Please have your child dress appropriately, in clothes that can get dirty, and when raining, in raingear and boots. Please have them bring a backpack with water bottle, lunch and snacks.
To sign up or inquire about the class, please contact  taryn@rur.com