August 7~11 Youth Ages 7 - 12

This camp is all about survival on Earth. Everything people need to survive can be found in nature right here on Whidbey. At this camp you will learn how to make shelter out of materials found in the woods, how to find and purify water, how to make fire with friction, how to identify some edible and medicinal plants, and ways to hunt animals. We will play unique games that will hone your senses and instincts. Families are invited to join us for a few hours on the last day so the campers can share what they’ve done. Min 4/Max 8

What to Bring: lunch, snacks, water, and weather appropriate clothing (layers!).

Instructor: Nancye Good grew up on Whidbey but relocated to New York City where she teaches Earth Skills in schools and after school programs.  Living in the city, Nancye missed the nature immersion she enjoyed as a kid, and realized how important nature is to our physical, mental and spiritual health.  She received her Coyote Mentoring certification at Children of the Earth Foundation. Learning about how our ancestors used materials found in nature to live, and how important it is to caretake our land, has become her passion.  Nancye is excited to share this ancestral knowledge as well as fun and exciting ways to connect deeply to nature, with kids of all ages.

Dates/Time: Mon– Fri | Aug 7-11 | 9am–2pm
Location: Maxwelton Outdoor Classroom
Fee: $200

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