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"Our family has joined Nancye and her team in NYC and upstate NY for outdoor fun and adventure over the course of many years.  Nancye is gifted at engaging the eldest to the youngest on their level at their interest and expanding horizons.  We've identified plants, wild foraged, built shelters, sat quietly, made fires and played countless games"

- Danny, homeschooling parent NYC


"Hawks tracks has helped me to appreciate nature so much more.  We do all kinds of engaging activities that help you learn fun,  new things that you never even thought about before.  Prospect park is beautiful in that area, and the birding is amazing.  Llast time I went I saw an osprey catch a fish.  You may see him as well, as it seems he likes that area!"

- Pablo, Age 10


"My son has found his passion in life through this camp"

- Katie, Mother of Summer Camper 


"Fourth graders at the Brooklyn New School have been working with Nancye for 10 years. In that time the programs we’ve done with her have constantly evolved, and Nancye has always impressed with her flexibility, adaptability, and skill.  There’s not much that generates excitement like seeing “work with Nancye and her team” on the daily schedule. They truly make magic happen. It’s not just the skills that our students learn, but the mindset around them--the respect for the natural world, the thoughtfulness around taking what is needed, and the gratitude for what is given--that make believers of us all."

- Josh Hunter, 4th grade teacher

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