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Youth & Adult Outdoor Programs

Reconnecting with Ancient Ways

Our Mission

We guide people towards being comfortable in nature by providing hands-on experiences.  We are a collective of ancestral skill instructors, naturalists, adventurers, healers and educators who mentor and teach with knowledge, experience and passion.


Together we combine decades of practice and deep reverence for the earth skills and offer various immersive and experiential programs for kids, families, teens and adults. Alongside our public offerings, we also teach in private settings, schools, and 1:1 mentoring.


Pure Contact with Earth

Learn about how you belong in this world by beginning to realize your awareness potential, by exploring the landscape deeply, and by making useful things with your hands out of materials found in nature, in community with others on the same path. Programs can range from a one hour class on tracking, to weekly ongoing programs for homeschool groups, and even week-long back-country living and adventure, and more. To create a customized program with us, click on the links below to see the skills and services we can offer and contact us to schedule your program.


Youth Programs

Our classes teach your child the sacred order of survival:

  • Shelter

  • Water

  • Fire

  • Food

We make deep contact with the Earth through games, stories and hands on projects.  These classes will invite you to use all of your senses to connect with nature and each other.

man blowing tinder bundle.jpeg

Adult Programs

Feel more alive and connected to the world and with people around you and yourself by learning how humans have used materials in the natural world to provide everything one needs to live comfortably. We offer hands on projects as well as opportunities to explore new perspectives and refresh your concept of time itself, and perhaps make different choices. 

School Programs

We provide many kinds of programs for schools:

  • Enrichment activities for Indigenous Studies curriculum

  • Shelter building to learn structure mechanics

  • Edgy activities for teens for social bonding

  • Survival themed overnight programs for entire grades


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