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2018 - Earth Living Skills Events

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

We have had an amazing month!

  • Built a wigwam at the Wyckoff House Farm and Museum with 120 4th Graders from BNS

  • Made shelters and cordage with 4th graders from GUGCS

  • Had an ongoing homeschooler group in Prospect Park on Tuesdays

  • Taught an afterschool class at BNS on Wednesdays

  • A day of wilderness skills with BCS 11th graders

  • Girl scout program with Urban Kid Adventurers

  • An overnight with the Artemis Moon group with Wild Earth

  • Built a Mayan house with wattle and daub with BNS 5th graders

  • Epic buried treasure birthday party!

  • lots more!

Exciting developments include trying strap drill strategies with kids as an alternative to bow drill friction fire. Nancye continues to hone her phragmites harvesting technique. Many thanks to all staff, participants, and to the Earth for a memorable month outside!

Earth Skills Camp, Whidbey Island Washington

We had a fun week in August with guest instructor Geoff Fisher!

Treasure Hunt Birthday Party in Prospect Park

Clues, and pirates and treasure!!! What a great party it was in Prospect Park!


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